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JDangerously's Log

30 June 1981
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It all comes back to 42
42, aeronautical technology, animals, archery, architecture, art, aviation, bad jokes, beaches, beauty, biking, blankets, blue lights, books, bra removal technique, breaking the rules, bridges, business, buttons, cabinets, camping, cards, cartoons, caterpillar, chains, challenges, cheesy porn, cherries, chess, climbing, clocks, coats, code breaking, coffee, college football, computers, cooking, dark tower, debate, dictionaries, diving, diy, dragons, drawing, driving fast, dylan thomas, electronics, encyclopedias, engineering, eyes, fencing, finding things, fire, firearms, flashlights, games, gardening, geology, georgia southern university, girls, halo, handcuffs, hard work, hearts, heavy equipment, hiking, history, hot tubs, hunting, hydrolics, intelligence, internet, iroquois, john deere, kissing, knives, knots, learning new things, lightening, linux, locks, logic, long odds, love, magazines, marine biology, meeting new people, mohawk, monopoly, mountains, movies, mp3s, networking, new things, pens, philosophy, photography, physics, plumbing, pneumatics, potatoes, programming, pumps, puzzles, railroad tracks, rc airplanes, reading, remote controls, rigging, robotics, running, sailboats, science, scifi, sex, shakespeare, sharp objects, shiny things, shooting, shot glasses, skiing, skinny dipping, sleep, snow, stars, stickers, stock market, string, sunglasses, sunrises, suprises, sushi, swords, tattoos, teaching, technology, thought, trains, travel, trivia, truth, unbiased journalism, video games, volleyball, watches, water gardens, weapons, windex, women, writing