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300zx first week Nov. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:44 pm
My 1990 Nissan 300zx, just home from Hilton Head, SC. It's a 2+2 seater, 5 speed, normally aspirated. She scrubbed on the trailer loading and unloading and i almost shit my pants putting her on the trailer. I bought her from a younger fellow in an apartment complex in South Carolina. He wanted $2000 cash, but managed to get her for $1800. Tied her down with three straps and rode a mile, then added another, rode 20 miles and added two more. And she road like that all the way back to Screven 111 miles. I pulled it with my tuner in towing mode, which gives my truck a universal 12 mpg, empty or loaded, but it pulls like a horse.

In these pictures you can only see some of the more cosmetic external damage. the rear bumper is cracked all up, the front bumper is broken in two places, in the picture, at least, but underneath, the bumper is more or less shattered. The windshield is broken from the bottom to the top. The front passenger quarter panel is beat up pretty bad and scrubbing the passenger door, both of which will have to be replaced.


Home from SC


Front on Trailer

Here she is unloaded at the house, I just rolled it off in the brush, almost hitting a stump and the cast iron cauldron. Oh yeah, she doesn't start either. Guy I bought her from said it was a bad clutch switch. I couldn't sleep, of course, so I jumped the switch over still wouldn't start.

Rear day 1

oh, can't see here, but the right muffler has a huge hole in it, big enough to stick my arm in.

Front day 1

Lolz Apr. 10th, 2009 @ 11:30 pm
Just pourin another one out for my long lost hommie... Space Bat

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sex quiz Apr. 2nd, 2009 @ 01:58 pm
cut for anyone who doesn't want to know these thingsCollapse )
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Hey Peeps! Dec. 24th, 2008 @ 11:00 pm
Merry Christmas everybody! Miss you all.
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ninja of the night 0.5 Dec. 10th, 2008 @ 02:00 pm
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» Thursday
this is an entry. (that's what she said)
» cigars
I'm thinking about starting to smoke cigars, think it would be good for my image as a malevolent dictator, what do ya'll think? Plus I need a new vice, 26 is a lonely number. I'm putting Duke Nukem on my phone right now. Oh yeah. Been a nice easy morning at work, I'm probably going to Vidalia in a little while, so I'm trying not to be too enthusiastic. I'm going to have to pull wire. Blah, oh well, at least I get their wireless cards back. speaking of which, I'm about to cancel my dsl and put Amanda on a wireless internet card, but I'm trying to figure out how to keep my 360 online. any ideas? don't search too hard, I was just wondering if any of you have done this already?
» *cough*
*cough* dust, wow, sheesh, haven't used this old thing in a while. first off...

Happy birfday to ma biatch.

now that that's taken care of, down to bitness. Things have been going pretty well, hense the lack of entries. Been doing alot of hunting, very little gathering. Working on lots of computers, just finished my second server install for the year. Hoping to get one more in before January rolls around. Started trading stocks, and oh my, I can see how this can be addictive. We're in the process of buying a new trailer, the house we were trying to rent was sold out from under us, needless to say I was miffed. I've been sick for the last three weeks with a pretty rough infection. Manda made me go to ye olde witchdoctor. I paced just over a quarter mile before he got into the room... I counted my steps. Got a new phone, which I'm not posting on now, but I can. Oh my gawdsicles, my phone does everyting except make beer. It has Windows mobile, MS office with word, powerpoint, one note, and excel, it recieves my email directly, connects to wifi sources, connects directly to youtube, wireless printing, mp3player, 3.2 MP camera, LED flashlight, qwerty keyboard, full motion sensitive, uploads and downloads to my laptop automatically and generally gives me a hard-on. And can be seen here.

Josie is smarter than me.

I have a new favorite pen.

Manda got me some new shirts.

I've been working on my truck hardcore.

um... *runs away*
» quiz
Respond to this post with a comment, and I will give you a letter. You must come up with 5 fictional characters whose names (first/last/whatever) start with that letter, tell us where they come from, and write a comment about each of them.

Emily Gave me G, rawk.

Golum... you know where golum comes from, yes precious. Misunderstood, fuck that, golum was a dick and he needed dropping in lava, just like China.

Gopher, from winnie the pooh, I liked gopher, he was the responsible "old guy" figure who didn't put up with nonsense.

Mr. T, no wait, that doesn't start with G...

McGyver (shutup, it's a G) The swiss army knife swinging, non-violent, genious Philanthropist that enspired my whole generation to take apart their Nintendos and try to make them into hovercraft.

Granny from Beverly Hillbillies. Now there's a woman who knows how to manage her shotgun.

Genie from I dream of Genie. really, who didn't want to give her a reason to make her nose wiggle. She was hot back in the day.

Genie from Aladan, Semi-cosmic, nearly-phenominal?

Gary from Team America, "Pull yourself together Gary" "Gary is a team player, he sucked my cock"

Comisioner Gordon from batman, yeah, he's kool.

Gonza from Princess Mononoke, big sward.

i'll think of more later
» Ronnie
i just found out that Ronnie's heart stopped Saturday and they had to defib him. I'm pretty worried about him, cause he wasn't even working this time. They want to put a pace-maker in his chest now. He's up and about today, he went down to the resteraunt for breakfast and was walking around. But still. I doubt he'll be at the shop for a while, but I'm more worried that he'll try to work anyways. I dunno. I'm getting the feeling (stronger of late) that I need to start looking for something different.
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